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Salsa Cruise to the Caribbean, 2013 – SalsaCrazy Announces the Ultimate Salsa Cruise!

19th July

Announcing, the 2013 SalsaCrazy Salsa Cruise to the Caribbean!

This is it, the cruise vacation you’ve been waiting for!

All Skill Levels, All Ages, All Adventure. We’re traveling out of Miami, January 20-28th, 2013, and we’d love to have you onboard with us. Come join the fun, you will love these fun and social salsa cruise. Check out the YouTube video below, but first, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Get Registered on the Salsa Cruise Today!

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Get Registered on the Salsa Cruise Today!

What is a Salsa Cruise? It’s the best of cruising, with the best of salsa, combined with dancing every night, beautiful ports every day, and surf, sun, salsa and endless fun every day and night. It’s really quite a vacation, and we sell out each and every year.

This cruise has some fantastic salsa teachers on it – including SalsaCrazy himself, Juan Gil, Ruth Caspary, Bachata with world bachata start Corey Raynor, and that’s all just for starters! Great dance classes, at all levels, will be available during the days we’re at see, and salsa parties will go long into the night every night. It’s fantastic fun!

All ages – yes, from kids to adults, we cover all ages, and all skill levels. This is about having a great vacation. Singles, couples, groups of friends, it’s a perfect vacation for everyone. Brand new to salsa? Oh yes, we got you covered. You can learn onboard. An Improver? Intermediate? Plenty of classes for you too. Already a great dancer? Let loose at all our planned dances, private to our group (and yes, maybe one or two with the whole ship).

Yes, this is the next SalsaCrazy Cruise (and yes, in addition to our Mediterranen and Mexico 2012 Cruises) these are all SalsaCrazy Cruises, yes, you can book both of them with our partners, DanceFun, and yes, you’ll get some special deals for saying “SalsaCrazy” every other word. Check the website for specifics, or feel free to call in at, 405-282-8989 (or toll fee 866-326-2338) – but don’t forget to mention SalsaCrazy! ;)

What cruise will I be attending next? When is my next Salsa Cruise? This One!

Get Registered on the Salsa Cruise Today!

But, if you don’t want to wait til 2013, if you want a dose of SalsaCrazy, or just want to master your salsa dancing, there’s a great way to do it with our dance videos. We have a whole series of dance videos available, both on our own websites, or on (you’re choice), I’ll link to my favorites below:

Learn to Salsa Beginners 3 Pack (On Amazon!)

Salsa Dance Mastery System (Includes 3 pack, plus intermediate, On Amazon!)

Bachata Dance Mastery (3 Pack, On Amazon!)

Yes, even a Ballroom Dance Mastery system, we affectionately call the Wedding Dance Mastery System (but really, it’s the ultimate primer to Ballroom Dance). Note: Even thought it’s April Fools, this is not an April Fools Joke – this product is amazing, and it really does exist! ;)

Plus many more, you can see our full schedule over at, or on the Dance Video store (Full money back guarantee – you’ll love these DVDs). So take us home with you – we want to come over.

Oh, and consider a salsa cruise as your next vacation choice! We have the following websites for a singles cruise too. Hope to see you onboard!

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Windmill Salsa Dance Lesson

13th September

This salsa dance video lesson will show you how to perform a beginner salsa windmill dance combination into an hourglass Latin dance copa. Julie will mention Latin dance styling for ladies. Hope you enjoy our salsa dance video lesson series.

Duration : 0:7:29

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Advanced Salsa Dance Lesson : Hand Flicks

11th September

So you think you can dance salsa? We can help! In this Salsa Dance video lesson, we’ll demonstrate a quick pattern that involves advanced salsa dancing hand flicks. For more salsa dancing videos, please visit:

Duration : 0:5:3

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8 – Let’s Dance Salsa Lesson – Couple Dancing Pt1

11th September

Let’s Dance Salsa Couple Dancing Part 1. Marlon and Susie demonstrate dancing as a couple, including the proper technique for hand position, resistance and distance.

Marlon uses what he calls his instructional lessons “building block style” to teach beginning dancers quickly and easily.

Complete dance lesson instruction series available on DVD at retailers like

Duration : 0:7:16

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1 – Let’s Dance Salsa Lesson – Beginning Steps Part 1

1st September

Let’s Dance Salsa beginning lessons part 1, basic steps. Salsa dance instructor, Marlon Silva, teach the basic steps of salsa dancing in the back-and-forth style.

Marlon uses what he calls his “building block style” to teach beginning dancers quickly and easily.

Complete series available on DVD at retailers like

Duration : 0:6:31

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2 – Let’s Dance Swing Lesson, Underarm Turn Part 2

26th August

Let’s Dance Swing Dancing Lesson, The Underarm Turn Part 2.

Learn the basic steps in swing dancing. Start off with the basic 1,2,3,4 count and move into back rocks, under the arm turns and walkthroughs. Instructor John Hill teaches the ladies how to add a little flair to the dance and instructs the men to always follow the bass beat with their steps.

Let’s Dance Swing originally aired on the Internet Television channel. Also check out Let’s Dance Salsa and Bottoms Up! (more)

Duration : 0:5:55

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14 – Let’s Dance Swing Lesson – Swivel Kicks Pt1

18th August

Instructors John and Stephanie demonstrate Swivel Kicks in swing dancing. Start off with East Coast or Triple Step swing steps. Put your weight on your right foot, do a back rock, kick to the side, cross your legs, and then swivel your weight onto the other foot. They also demonstrate how to switch your hand motion to add tension and stability, and finish with the transition out of the step and back into the dance.

Duration : 0:5:22

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Salsa Dancing : Short Stride Salsa Latin Dance Move

23rd July

Another sexy salsa dancing move for you to use at the salsa dance club. Kind of like “salsa dancing with the stars”. How to Latin salsa dance : free salsa dance videos at

Duration : 0:2:39

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Griselle Ponce Ladies Styling Sampler DVD – Dancing lessons

28th June

The Mambo Diva breaks it down step by step…here in her Ladies Styling dvd

Get your copy now at

Duration : 0:5:17

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SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance Mastery System

17th June The best selling salsa dance system of all time is finally here! SalsaCrazy's Advanced Salsa Dance System is a massive 6 DVD set for intermediate & advanced dancers. A step-by-step, jam-packed advanced DVD collection!

Duration : 1 min 45 sec

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