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1st April

I’m back! That’s right, our Dance Cruise just got back from it’s seven day adventure through the Caribbean (out of New Orleans), and I have to say, it was spectacular. Our large group left out of New Orleans, and visited Cozumel, Grand Caymen, and yes, Jamaica (mon).

After 10 years of dance cruises, this one still managed to hold some fantastic surprises, and will go down as one of our best cruises. It’s amazing how not just our group, but also all of our instructors and event managers, have really perfected the art of dance cruising. ;) I really had a great time, and yes, I (SalsaCrazy guy), am looking forward to my next cruise.

Our next cruises are in October, and while I will not be onboard those events, I recommend them greatly. The first is sailing with Juan Gil (on a 12 day adventure through the Mediterranean), and is one of the most massive, exciting, and downright adventurous cruises we have ever offered. Twelve days going SalsaCrazy in the Mediterranean? How great is that. Yes, you can register for that one now, (and more details at bottom of email).

The second cruise, with Francisco and Stacy Martinez (7 Days to Mexico), looks to bring back the memories of our many fantastic cruises to Mexico, and sets sail from the West Coast (which is a little closer than Venice, Italy – for the cruise above).

Yes, both of these are SalsaCrazy Cruises, yes, you can book both of them with our partners, DanceFun, and yes, you’ll get some special deals for saying “SalsaCrazy” every other word. Check the website for specifics, or feel free to call in at, 405-282-8989 (or toll fee 866-326-2338) – but don’t forget to mention SalsaCrazy! ;)

What cruise will I be attending next? When is my next Salsa Cruise? I have my eyes set on the early 2013 timeframe for a return to the Caribbean, and I hope to have details on that cruise available on our website within a week or two.  Unfortunately, I can’t be on all the cruises (without a clone), so I have to pick and choose my cruises.

But, if you want a dose of SalsaCrazy, or just want to master your salsa dancing, there’s a great way to do it with our dance videos.  We have a whole series of dance videos available, both on our own websites, or on (you’re choice), I’ll link to my favorites below:

Learn to Salsa Beginners 3 Pack (On Amazon!)

Salsa Dance Mastery System (Includes 3 pack, plus intermediate, On Amazon!)

Bachata Dance Mastery (3 Pack, On Amazon!)

Yes, even a Ballroom Dance Mastery system, we affectionately call the Wedding Dance Mastery System (but really, it’s the ultimate primer to Ballroom Dance). Note: Even thought it’s April Fools, this is not an April Fools Joke – this product is amazing, and it really does exist! ;)

Plus many more, you can see our full schedule over at, or on the Dance Video store (Full money back guarantee – you’ll love these DVDs). So take us home with you – we want to come over.

Oh, and consider a salsa cruise as your next vacation choice! We have the following websites for a singles cruise too. Hope to see you onboard!

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Dance Lesson Update:

18th March

“How I learned to master the lessons dance like a pro, and be the first in my class to seem like a natural…”

Posted by: Jon on March 18, 2009 3:48pm

Hi, I am Jon, and I’m from San Francisco, CA. I wanted to share my dance class success story with you. I’m not exactly what you’d call a naturally gifted dancer. I’m just a regular guy who loves to dance, and is now pretty darn good at it. But I wasn’t always like that. Learning to dance was a frustrating matter to me… Until I discovered a simple system that allowed me to learn to dance extremely quick, and extremely well. This was a system that worked better than anything else I had ever tried (and I tried a lot of things in my struggle to become a good dancer). I learned how to dance Salsa, but this system can work for anything else. It’s super-easy. All the top-rated dance classes I tried were nothing in comparisson to this method. And I hope that my story causes you to get the same results and become a better dancer than you ever thought possible…

I hope my experience can turn you into to a better dancer, and also help you become more healthy and happier. When I was originally learning to dance, I began feeling frustration. I was unable keep up with the lessons dance the steps properly, or even feel confident.

But about 10 weeks ago, I found this new method. A method that is easy and simple. A method that practically anyone can follow… It was so obvious! And it was right infront of my face the whole time, while I was struggling! This method is what made me walk into a dance class, and actually gave me the ability to learn the moves fast, well, and to appear like a natural.

By combining my dance lessons at the local studio with how-to dance videos, I discovered that I could double, almost tripple, my progress and my potential. Not only did I become a smoother and more rhythmic dancer, I became more capable and natural when attending classes or going to clubs. Since then, I have become a totally different dancer. A better dancer. And recently, I’ve been the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been! By taking advantage of the instructional dance videos from DanceCrazy and The DanceCrazy Dance Store I completely revolutionized the way I learned to dance…

And so can you.

Give it a try IMMEDIATELY. You will notice the results instantaneously. It’s an obvious system, but it’s magic! I had to write about it. I had to make sure no one ever overlooked it. Because if you don’t combine instructional videos with dance classes, you’re sure to hinder your progress and potential!


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