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Where can i download free dance lesson videos?

29th June

I am interested in learning Salsa, Walls, Zumba

Google a program called
Video Download Studio
then you can use it FREE download video or audio form YouTube, google, metacafe, redtube, dailymotion etc. attention:

download function is no need to register
you can also use it to convert video to audio, video to video, audio to audio.
use it convert video to mp3 mp4 for your iPod

Is there a dance place near Denton Tx. area that has lessons for 13 year old begginners?

18th June

I’ve always wanted to take dance lessons and I did when I was little, but I quit and no I wish I hadn’t and want to start back up again. Although I don’t really want to be with a bunch of little kids. I don’t want to do ballet really, and don’t really want to tap or do partner dancing. Maybe a long shot, but worth a try.

You’re not alone, a lot of people come back to dance after a break. Here’s a website that will help you find a studio close to you.

Also, I suggest calling and visiting the studios that sound interesting to make sure it’s the right fit. I’m sure you will have no problem finding the right class for you.

Welcome back!

For group and private ballroom dance lessons, what are the average prices?

15th June

At the dance studio I go to, it’s $80 for a one hour private lesson. For group lessons, it’s $15 for two hours.

I find those a bit expensive, but my parents are telling me that it costs more elsewhere. What do you guys think? Are those the average prices for ballroom dance lessons? If not, then what is?

That’s average!

Would you take dance lessons from a teacher who is not very good?

30th May

I recently answered an ad for someone looking for a salsa dance partner. I am very good at salsa and also ballroom. The ad said that they were looking for someone to practice with. It turns the person wants someone to take dance lessons with them. They already chose the teacher and the place. I am very picky about my dance teachers. My last teacher used to compete in World level competitions. It is really irritating taking from a teacher who does not know good technique.

No, I would not take lessons from anyone that was just mediocre. Do not waste your money and find a better dance partner. The dance partner sounds like a cheapskate.

Is it weird If i go alone to a dance lesson?

27th May

I’d really like to try Pussy Cat Doll dancing or Hip hop, but my friend does not want to go with me.

Do you think it’s weird if I sign up for these classes alone? I’m just thinking that these are classes that people might want to take a friend or two in because they’re supposed to be fun (esp. PCD dancing since it’s for women only). No one wants to go though. Should I just go anyways?

For sure. So the next time you go out dancing with the friend who didnt want to go with you, you can show off what you learned and feel more confident in your moves and not only turn heads, break a damn neck!

Teaching Good Manners to your Teens

26th May

Manners instruction is always together from the other things, a parent or primary caregiver is obliged to do to elevate a steadfast, independent kid. It’s not a kind of add-on that is concentrate to after the learning and the soccer, dance and piano lessons are done. Instead, teaching and representation of good manners are essential to daily family life.

Most important ideas we are using behind the good manners we use these days: tradition, consideration, and common sense. Tradition is the practice of doing certain things like shaking hands and tipping hats.

Consideration is the most significant thought behind all good manners. Almost always, being thoughtful is being well-mannered. Consideration is just thinking concerning the way the other person feels. Being vulgar to someone is bad manners, not because any one says so, but because it causes upset feelings.

Nearly all good manners have in component of common sense. If you are standing in the rear of a jam-packed elevator, it’s neither reasonable -nor good manners-to try approaching your way to the front so you can come out first from the crowed.

Good manners will help your kid, flourish in social situations.Whether your kid has a severe concern or is just uninterested and tired, you can help it understand that crying and earsplitting will not assist its circumstances. By become conscious that if you treat your kid as if you were speaking to a mature, using simpler wording and examples they can narrate to of course, your kid will older sooner and respect others silence and quite.

The rules enclosed individual conduct at home, at school, at play, in the road, at the table and general politeness. School rules accentuate that kids should respect teachers, other students and school belongings. Corrupt, untruthfulness and spinelessness were disheartened at school and play.

Manners are much more than just proverb please and thank you. It’s a way of showing gentleness and kindness. Whether we like it or not, people will judge our children on how they hold themselves. It’s much easier to teach good manners while our kids are young than it is to break bad habits when they are older. Voltaire said, “We cannot always necessitate; but we can always speak kindly

Manners and respect are always together. Children begin increasing respect for others by first mounting it for their parents. Children should be taught to behave in mannerly ways toward their parents. That means kids should not be permitted to call their parents by their first names, to interrupt adult conversations except in crisis, or to throw crabbiness when they don’t get their way. We might even go so far as to commend that children be trained to react to all adults, including their parents.

John David

Top 10 Adventures for Solo Travelers

22nd May

Traveling is spiritually rewarding and always educational; however choosing where to travel and what to do is often frustrating and time consuming. When you are a solo traveler, this task may be hard or easier than if you were traveling with others. When traveling with others, there are suggestions and desires that you may or may like. When traveling alone, all decisions are yours to make and this can lead to a relaxing trip. Here is a list of the top ten solo adventures to help you choose the right vacation.


Regardless of where you have grown up, you may have heard at least some stories about Europe, and true or not, they would have stimulated your imagination. In reality, Europe has an incredible and intricate infrastructure, making travelling across this great continent much easier. Countries, which lie side-by-side, are all highly individual places, with a rich store of history and culture to explore. Europe has so much to offer that this list would not do it justice if it did not cover some of the essentials.


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and there are many excellent museums and cultural locations to visit here. Some of the main attractions in this city are the canals, Van Gough Museum and you can even visit Ann Frank’s house. Regardless of what you are looking to experience, you can find it with a vacation to Amsterdam.


Some may think that Athens is a place for those who enjoy visiting historical locations such as the ancient landmarks that many history books mention. It is also a must-see destination regardless of your age, or your interest in history. No matter how old you are or what you most enjoy, Athens is a place that can leave you inspired and amazed at its ancient grandeur.


Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands and it is well known for its nightlife. If you are looking for a vacation resort that is well known for its parties, this is the location for you.


Paris cannot be missed! It can be expensive for a solo traveler, and some may find it mildly depressing due to its reputation as a city for lovers. In reality, though it is the city of love, passion and romance. If there is anywhere to fall in love, it would be in Paris. Others attractions in the city of Paris is the breath taking iconic monuments and architecture, try on some of the world’s hottest fashion, and the fine food the city is renowned for the world over or you can visit the Louvre.

New York

The Big Apple is considered the city that never sleeps. Everyone has heard of these names, seen the “I love NY” t-shirts, and everyone should go there at least once. If you are traveling solo, then this is a great destination because of the clubs, great food, a great vibe and a place where everything and everyone is always on the go.


The weather is hot and humid, the food is exotic and the locals are very friendly. A vacation to Thailand is very reasonably priced and the beaches are beautiful with clear oceans, tiny islands to explore and millions of people who are also seeking an adventure.

South Africa

Africa has some of the most majestic and surreal landscapes one could imagine, it has culture that is not seen anywhere else, and people who are warmer and more welcoming than you can meet in any other place. Perhaps the best place to start experiencing all of this is South Africa. South Africa has the infrastructure of many first world countries, making traveling somewhat easier. It has some of the most highly rated beaches in the world, as well as spectacular scenery in places such as Table Mountain and Kruger national park.


More to the point, the Ngoro Ngoro Crater Conservation Area, the essence of Africa! During the migration season from July to October the wildlife spectacle is beyond words and it provides an experience that you can remember for many years to come.


Brazil shines if you are keen dancer as the nightlife is buzzing with Salsa, Mamba and the Rumba. If you are not a great dancer, then this is the best place for some cheap dance lessons! Brazil is an exciting, sensual place, but be on your guard at all times, just as you would when traveling in any new location.

There are many great locations to travel on a solo vacation but it mostly comes down to what you are looking to experience. Many great choices range from big cities to secluded beaches in the Caribbean. If you are looking to travel for the cultural experience or the nightlife, you should consider checking out these locations.

Lisa Parker

Has any one taking Dance Lesson’s at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio?

20th May

I’m trying to get a price range for beginners lessons and the web site is pretty useless. Can anyone help me?

I called them once to find out about Charleston lessons. They said that they didn’t have any instructors that knew the Charleston, but they would learn it and teach me.

I pressed hard to get a price. Eventually they said around $2,000.

I gave up on Charleston. Until years later when I found a swing group that taught it. $60 for a class of six lessons. Another $60 for advanced lessons.

So I signed up and can now Charleston. I’m not ready to compete and never will be, but I can do it on the dance floor and enjoy myself.

Volunteer at Fundacion Integrar in Ecuador

19th May

This organisation is working for the welfare of children with special needs. The atmosphere at the foundation is homey, warm and nurturing. This service offered by Fundacion Integrar is not often addressed by government social services funding. The foundation has therapists and teachers that work half days with the children, who receive care in the areas of motor skill coordination and therapy, physical therapy, early intervention, meals, language therapy, horseback riding therapy and hydrotherapy. In 2004 a group for teenagers was also started where they receive lessons in art and wood working, and how to help themselves adjust society.

Volunteers must be of age 18 or above with minimum education of high school. Volunteers with the following special skills are preferred for the placement:- Doctor Emergency Medical Technician Child & Youth Worker Early Childhood Education Recreational Programming Social Worker (BSW) Social Work Student Psychologist Psychology Student Day Care Work Computers – Web Design Educational Games Social Worker (MSW) Massage

 Volunteers can assist by doing following tasks:- Volunteers can work directly with these special children providing orientation for the different groups of children, learning about the children and getting to know them, facilitating and participating in group activities in music, theatre, handicrafts and dance, helping with mealtimes and teaching appropriate behaviour, helping once a week at the pool, and helping with horsebackriding. Making a difference in these childrens’ lives!

Basecamp International welcomes all the interested volunteers from around the world to volunteer and make a difference. If you are interested in this placement then please contact us for the details: Email: Website: Mailing Address 298 Bagot Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7K 3B4 Phone: 613.541.7862 Toll Free : 866.646.4693 Fax: 613.541.1604

Basecamp International Centers

Teen Summer Camps: Go for Summer Fun-n-learn at a Teen Camp!

16th May

American summer camps for teens play very crucial part for their ability to broaden a young person’s mind in a relaxed and informal summer environment, normally out in the countryside. So, summer fun at teen summer camps is a good concept both for teens and for youth. For teenagers, the advantages are obviously there.

Please remember that Teen Summer Camps are generally very short term courses where teens go to have fun, arts and crafts, enjoy campfire songs, and sleep in cabins or tents in the wilderness. Campers join in games, art projects, audio-video recording, songs and dance lessons.

For the most part, a summer camp will offer you many projects ranging from sporting to more academic but all are still enjoyable. Camps normally consist of all the possible topics; cyber camps, computer camps, robotics camps and sports camps. In one of the most admired camp projects offered at very many camps the campers study media and film production. A great thing at some camps is that each teenager is permitted to use the original recordings to use in their portfolios.

Each camper, after completing a summer camp program, is awarded a diploma. It offers everybody an incentive to join and do well, and can be very beneficial as part of the teenagers resume, especially for getting part-time jobs.

More to the advantages of summer camps academically, they also offer for many kids, the first option to spend time away from abode. For this reason, summer camps expanding for the children that stay over-night. Yet, some of the younger and more nervous may not wish to stay overnight. Camp managements are usually provided with the option of dormitory accommodation or on-campus residence.

A camp instructor told me recently that their students leave the camp every summer with a sense of maturity, cultural enlightenment, heightened English efficiency and lifelong friends from around the world.

It is a fact that the social mix is usually broader than the schools these children attend at term-time, and this is how they hang out with teens from different backgrounds during the camp, and maybe even dissimilar nationalities too.

This means that campers learn different coping-skills whilst building their own support manner among their fellow campers. Their friendships are deepened during the often week-long summer camp experience.

That is why it is believed that the value of summer camps is less on what they actually do while at them, but it is the skills they promote at giving support to children to better lead life as they go away that are the most useful.

Remember the important aspect in the experience of summer fun at teen summer camps. It is for children entering grades 9 through 12 to learn new skills that can prepare them for the next grade level and the next big-step which is of course their beginning at college.


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