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Hip Hop Cheerleading Dance Moves – Wind It Up!

3rd September 2009

Need Lessons??? Go to – In this dance video, superstar Samantha Davies shows you how to dance to Gwen Stefani’s “Wind it Up”.

Duration : 0:5:17

[youtube c5d8qYM55b8]

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25 Responses to “Hip Hop Cheerleading Dance Moves – Wind It Up!”

  1. americasmcd Says:

    Come and Check Out …
    Come and Check Out “America’s Most Creative Dancer” Reality Series With Shane Sparks on my channel @ americasmcd

    Great Dance lesson videos

  2. ra2oosh Says:

    that was very very …
    that was very very very very good !!! do more vids please!

  3. funlolaugh Says:

    i know
    i know

  4. funlolaugh Says:

    i know
    i know

  5. Lilangel0514 Says:

    OH my gosh she is …
    OH my gosh she is an AWESOME dancer!!

  6. xcarlyleighx Says:

    Just rewind it and …
    Just rewind it and watch it over.
    shes well good dancer :)
    and good teacher, yeah its a little fast but she doesnt need to do it over and over if you can rewind it :)

  7. oldchit Says:


  8. TheMaraceary Says:

    dat was AWSOME LOL …
    dat was AWSOME LOL if only i can do it
    lol im working on it

  9. arborgirls411 Says:

    how am i supposed …
    how am i supposed to follow this??? they dont use the music

  10. lizwazhere Says:

    and and and and and …
    and and and and and and and and

  11. ElLyRoXuRsOx10 Says:

    umm………dip 1 …
    umm………dip 1 and 2 step 345 hit 6 and 7 down8

  12. PlanetAnna1 Says:

    i love it but u …
    i love it but u need 2 do the whole song. a lot of people will like it better!

  13. OoGothicRoseoO Says:

    Oh my GOD! Stop …
    Oh my GOD! Stop saying 1 and 2 and 3 and FOUR! I know it’s what cheerleaders do but hearing it over and over and over again for five minutes is not fun! Lmao!

  14. PaigeandKelseyShow Says:



  15. PaigeandKelseyShow Says:

    Pause it as you go. …
    Pause it as you go…

  16. AmberAndLexiShow Says:

    way 2 fast, and u …
    way 2 fast, and u should teach it a little more than just showing it 2 us!

  17. willmoorrocsmysocs Says:

    4:37 ppl walk by th …
    4:37 ppl walk by th windo…lol

  18. 123abckelsea Says:

    nice dance
    nice dance

  19. dramaqueenlp Says:

    bad news, her …
    bad news, her counts are perfect. if there is a movement on the ‘and’ then you say ‘and.’

  20. lu09pop Says:

    mui buenos …
    mui buenos movimientos!!!

  21. MrCheercheer Says:

    the “ands” are fine …
    the “ands” are fine. calm down. ive been dancing and cheering for much longer. the ands dont screw up anything sweet heart. and i loved her hair it was gorgeous. you haters are bloody annoying

  22. ashlovajojo Says:

    it’s amazing when …
    it’s amazing when she add it up all together!!

  23. babygrl0205 Says:

    4 real
    4 real

  24. HeartbrokenAmber123 Says:


  25. MrsPliesBby Says:

    Baby qirl..
    Your …

    Baby qirl..
    Your counts are off.
    You are not supposed to be sayinq “And” more than you say the 8-counts. & I’ve been dancinq for 12 years so I do know what I’m talkinq about. But you did qood showinq the steps; Just stop sayinq “and” so much..Cause the counts don’t add up like they’re supposed to.

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