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Disco Dancing Lesson – Baccara: Yes Sir I Can Boogie

3rd September 2009

You know you want to…..go on……get off your computer chair and have a bit of a boogie. No one can see you ;)

Duration : 0:4:0

[youtube -j3AXBocJB0]

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20 Responses to “Disco Dancing Lesson – Baccara: Yes Sir I Can Boogie”

  1. xTakeThisLife Says:


  2. Helenw2503 Says:

    Great advice :)
    Great advice :)

  3. bobduvar Says:

    Lesson one : move …
    Lesson one : move your body as you want !!!!
    Lesson two : you don’t care if you’re ridiculous !!!!

  4. frt2422 Says:

    no lo puedo creer …
    no lo puedo creer es una obra maestra este video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. SEANORINN Says:


  6. chocolatepuddingisgo Says:

    Great for those who …
    Great for those who have had hip replacements!

  7. fidgymaster Says:

    tout simplement …
    tout simplement MYTHIQUE!!!!lol

  8. izeman458 Says:

    So that is how it …
    So that is how it was done? I guess I must have looked really silly jabbing the air in all directions without any aim.

  9. unisomdreams Says:

    no sir, i dont feel …
    no sir, i dont feel very much like talking.

  10. Muscleduck Says:

    I love this vid :D
    I love this vid :D

  11. popartmusic81 Says:

    Superbe !! …
    Superbe !! Simplement génial !!!

  12. bobduvar Says:

    He shouldn’t dance …
    He shouldn’t dance with a handkerchief in his pocket !!!!!!

  13. rommeloton Says:

    God, I dont want to …
    God, I dont want to get old

  14. taake80 Says:


  15. vespadan83 Says:

    pure class!!
    pure class!!

  16. jondbell78 Says:

    I luv it!! What …
    I luv it!! What more can i say??

  17. cherriechamp Says:

    Haha! this is just …
    Haha! this is just purely great 2 laugh at

  18. paveljdekfilmu Says:

    I like this man in …
    I like this man in white…Notice! – He wants to be so demonstrative as it goes most..The ridicoulisness is difficult to realize when you are in the centre of thrilling acting – but then from backsight….!

  19. paveljdekfilmu Says:

    very nice, that man …
    very nice, that man in white really enjoys it..

  20. shakiMiki Says:

    Now, this is a good …
    Now, this is a good idea, but you need to adjust the speed of the film accrodingly so it is to der Beat. Can you do that for me. Oh go on. Thank you….

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