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Belly Dance Basics DVD – lesson and choreography

1st September 2009

produced by Michelle Joyce and Cheeky Girls Productions

Duration : 0:1:27

[youtube ntrh0uQr0os]

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14 Responses to “Belly Dance Basics DVD – lesson and choreography”

  1. termeznativeUZ Says:

    Ok, some of your …
    Ok, some of your comments are getting wayyy outta hand and I have got to add my 5 cents. Bellydancing is sexy and attractive to some, “weird ” to some, and some don’t really care about it. I had my misconceptions before trying it but it’s really what you make of it. Men nowadays get off on anything that walks past them, so I don’t really care wtf they think, b/c everything is ty to them. I think it’s a beautiful form of art that takes a great set of skills.

  2. ifuckedMichelleJoyce Says:

    michelle joyce …
    michelle joyce turns me on always

  3. jkharshiang Says:

    Michelle can be my …
    Michelle can be my teacher, not just for bellydancing but others things too and we would grate and move our hips and bodies together, love you sexy woman Michelle.

  4. 11visionary11 Says:

    Dancers also used …
    Dancers also used to dance at weddings to show the new couple the “acts” of love…and woman about childbirth….all of which has to do with sex.

  5. 11visionary11 Says:

    So a woman dancing …
    So a woman dancing in revealing clothing, rotating hips, shaking her breasts, being sensual is not to turn ppl on? LOL…the POKA is a dance not to turn you on:) Do men like to watch line dancing or belly dancing? you may say its “spiritual” but that doesnt take away from the fact that its sexy. You may do it for fun, but at least be honest about the dance itself:) It seems only woman say its not sexy,lol…ask some men :) and male dancers would have looked strong and sexy to the woman…

  6. doodoochaser Says:

    While I’m not …
    While I’m not taking kirkau’s side,I will say this,I’m sick of people acting like bellydancing doesn’t have a sexy aspect to it,some of those slower sensual movements can make one think of sex,and many women use bellydancing routines as a way of spicing up their romantic lives,and entertaining their boyfriends/husbands(better than poledancing).

  7. dinavienna Says:

    at first when i …
    at first when i read his statement, i agreed with you how it was not supposed to turn on and how rude it was. i do not agree with your rudeness about “western whores”. why do we tend to be SO sensitive about ppl insulting us, yet as you demonstrate SO many arabs, men and women, insult western women all the way??

  8. kirkau Says:

    Get you mind out of …
    Get you mind out of the gutter. How did you ociate the appreciation of tattoos to strippers? Did you know a lot of tribal dancers have tattoos? Oriental Dance is like vogue magazine. People can look at it and say, yes that’s really beautiful.

  9. queenlindseyvp843 Says:

    Not only is your …
    Not only is your comment rude and tasteless, how her tattoo turns you on, but it shows what a barbarian you really can be. A more proper way to compliment a lady would be , your a lovely dancer, or I enjoyed the performance, followed by a YALLA or YIP..You need more proper manors before you comment..

  10. kirkau Says:

    The only person …
    The only person making any kind of disgusting deviant overtones is you. If you want to dance, no one is stopping you doing festivals and haflas.

  11. queenlindseyvp843 Says:

    belly dancers are …
    belly dancers are not western whores..It doesnt matter our age, size and men as well belly dance..We dont dance so old men can get there rocks your hard earned money at a place you fit in , like a strip club..

  12. kirkau Says:

    If I’m paying my …
    If I’m paying my hard earned money to see a professional dancer I’d want her to look attractive.

  13. queenlindseyvp843 Says:

    the art of belly …
    the art of belly dance is not to turn you on. Its a fun workout, entertainment, spiritual and good for the soul. Are you a dancer? or just someone who enjoys middle eastern dance?

  14. kirkau Says:

    Watching your …
    Watching your tattoo on your lower back as you shake you hips gets me excited babe!

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