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Advanced Salsa Dance Lesson : Hand Flicks

11th September 2009

So you think you can dance salsa? We can help! In this Salsa Dance video lesson, we’ll demonstrate a quick pattern that involves advanced salsa dancing hand flicks. For more salsa dancing videos, please visit:

Duration : 0:5:3

[youtube k0vXFr6Jh4k]

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17 Responses to “Advanced Salsa Dance Lesson : Hand Flicks”

  1. apersaud Says:

    We are all one big …
    We are all one big salsa dance community! Open Source Salsa :-)

  2. cmanva Says:

    This is your best …
    This is your best pattern to date..very sleek and leaves an impression on the dance floor.

  3. testinutube Says:

    The amusing thing …
    The amusing thing is that I went to my advanced salsa class YESTERDAY and we had a very similar flick there. I don’t believe in coincidences like that! I don’t know what your reaction’s going to be, but to me it seems kinda funny that both me and my instructors derive our tricks from the same sources ;-).

    I also gotta tell ya that I love the come back of those nifty captions. I’m a big fan of that trivia-humor mix of yours :-).

    Greetings & regards from Poland!

  4. testinutube Says:

    Hey Anthony (and …
    Hey Anthony (and Julie too, thanks both of you for replying last time :-) )!

    The slow motion is a very good idea IMHO. Although I don’t seem to need it today, I remember a couple of months ago how desperate I was to find some pattern that would be easy to pick up yet neat and at least a little impressive to my follow.

    There’s also a little thing I find very amusing, but I’ll describe it in the next post – insufficient chars left here :-).

  5. negoni08 Says:


  6. skidanceon Says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the sweet lesson. Very smooth.

  7. TheGreenestTube Says:

    hahahaha that is …
    hahahaha that is freaking crazy, But what i think is even crazier is how someone can make 125$ online in 1 freakin hour. The possibilities are endless, CHECK< it OUT

  8. carbonguy9 Says:

    right after teh …
    right after teh cheezburgerz

  9. snap35510 Says:

    This is advanced …
    This is advanced for a reason. If you can’t pick it up, try something more basic

  10. TheHornyBug Says:


  11. gloryus84 Says:

    Nice tips.
    Nice tips.

  12. ltigre2031 Says:

    more slow motion …
    more slow motion please in future lessons

  13. apersaud Says:


  14. ltigre2031 Says:

    more slow mo pleez!!
    more slow mo pleez!!

  15. apersaud Says:

    We’ve noticed that …
    We’ve noticed that the HQ version that YouTube provides is good enough. A lot of people were complaining the the HD version made their computers slow. We’ll provide a higher quality version on our website in a few hours.

  16. ukapas Says:

    39 C ~= 102 F I’ve …
    39 C ~= 102 F I’ve checked :P

  17. ukapas Says:

    Anthony please give …
    Anthony please give us information about the song you use in your videos!

    And you didn’t include information about the heat in Celcius centigrades for “your friends overseas” :P (There was something similar in your previous vids, you said that words and explained some facts that were not obvious for people living outside the USA)

    BTW What about the HD quality?

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