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Does anyone know any private dance lesson company’s ?

12th August


Me and my friend wanna have dance lessons with just us no one else
is that possible and where can i go to get them in the SOUTH EAST of LONDON ??????

thanks for your help :)

Hi, I just answered a question for you yesterday! I will try to answer another. :)

Most dance studio’s offer Private Dance lessons. Just do what I told ya yesterday, but ask them if you and your friend can just have Private Dance lessons and NOT go to normal classes.

Good Luck and Happy Dancing!

does anyone know where i can learn Kpop dance lesson in santa ana, westminster, or orange county(CA) ?

3rd August

well, i wanted to take some dance lesson(w/ asian teachers) ’cause i’ll turn into a pig if i dont. SO PLEASE HELP ME.THANKS!!!

If you can’t find an actual teacher, I recommend subscribing to namgeun on Youtube. They post Kpop dances (mirrored, even) and then you can just download the file (If you don’t know how, search KeepVid), slow it down yourself (VideoLan is very easy for that), and just follow along.

is 13 too old to start hip hop dance lesson?

17th July

Is 13 too old? Is there any possible way that i can learn hip hop without classes. I just want it to be a hobby,i don’t want to be professional or anything later on. Just so that i can dance and preform at like talent shows, dance competitions(not official ones)etc.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! You can start dancing at any age..
Here are some online hip-hop classes links.

There are more videos, just look on the side of the video then click on them.
Good Luck!!

Where can i download free dance lesson videos?

29th June

I am interested in learning Salsa, Walls, Zumba

Google a program called
Video Download Studio
then you can use it FREE download video or audio form YouTube, google, metacafe, redtube, dailymotion etc. attention:

download function is no need to register
you can also use it to convert video to audio, video to video, audio to audio.
use it convert video to mp3 mp4 for your iPod

Is it weird If i go alone to a dance lesson?

27th May

I’d really like to try Pussy Cat Doll dancing or Hip hop, but my friend does not want to go with me.

Do you think it’s weird if I sign up for these classes alone? I’m just thinking that these are classes that people might want to take a friend or two in because they’re supposed to be fun (esp. PCD dancing since it’s for women only). No one wants to go though. Should I just go anyways?

For sure. So the next time you go out dancing with the friend who didnt want to go with you, you can show off what you learned and feel more confident in your moves and not only turn heads, break a damn neck!

Has any one taking Dance Lesson’s at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio?

20th May

I’m trying to get a price range for beginners lessons and the web site is pretty useless. Can anyone help me?

I called them once to find out about Charleston lessons. They said that they didn’t have any instructors that knew the Charleston, but they would learn it and teach me.

I pressed hard to get a price. Eventually they said around $2,000.

I gave up on Charleston. Until years later when I found a swing group that taught it. $60 for a class of six lessons. Another $60 for advanced lessons.

So I signed up and can now Charleston. I’m not ready to compete and never will be, but I can do it on the dance floor and enjoy myself.

Should I take another music lesson or dance class?

4th May

I’ve been dancing for at least 9 years and last year my teacher retired. This year I go to a different place and take only a jazz class. Also, I’ve played the oboe for 4 years and took up the acoustic guitar in January. I have a busy schedule, so I can only choose one. Should I take another dance class or take violin or piano lessons? BTW I took the violin for a summer a few years ago but I probably completely forgot everything by now (it was in 3rd grade).

You should do what ever makes you happiest. I think you should make a decision on what art you wish to perfect. Doing so much you will never have time to get really good at any of them. They all are demanding of your time and energy. Just something to thing about. As the old quote goes: "Jack of all trades but master of none."

Where can I download Belly Dance lesson videos for free?

5th April

Any safe website where i can download belly dancing lesson videos is all I need

you should try youtube

google programs to download videos from youtube :)

what type of Dance lesson is the easiest for someone who doesnt knwo how to dance?

30th March

I dont knwo how to do any "formal" styles of dancing, and my husband has never ever danced before(and doesnt exactly want to lol), any tips on what type of dance we should first try?
Salsa? Ballroom…?
we are visiting AZ this week, i was thinking maybe for fun we could take our first class their, anyone know of a good place?

East Coast Swing. It can range from fast to slow to very slow (depending on the rythm of the music). It’s very fun but easy to keep up with. It’s very similar to jive, but not as fast. When I first joined my ballroom dance school, my teacher started me with swing because it’s the easiest for newcomers to learn.

good luck! :)

Can i go to a dance collage without even takin dance lesson for 7 years?

25th March

Unfortunatly i moved to a different country and was unable to take dance lessons again as they do not speak english (n) I really miss dancing and i want to be able to do it again. Would there be a collage willing to accept me?

You’d be able to attend a non-audition dance program, typically found in a liberal arts college. You’d just need to get accepted into the college based on your grades and test scores. Examples of such colleges with non-audition dance programs are Swarthmore, Barnard and Smith.

However, there are a couple of exceptions. Columbia College Chicago, for example, is a private arts college that does not require an audition to major in dance.

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