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Does anyone know any private dance lesson company’s ?

12th August


Me and my friend wanna have dance lessons with just us no one else
is that possible and where can i go to get them in the SOUTH EAST of LONDON ??????

thanks for your help :)

Hi, I just answered a question for you yesterday! I will try to answer another. :)

Most dance studio’s offer Private Dance lessons. Just do what I told ya yesterday, but ask them if you and your friend can just have Private Dance lessons and NOT go to normal classes.

Good Luck and Happy Dancing!

does anyone know where i can learn Kpop dance lesson in santa ana, westminster, or orange county(CA) ?

3rd August

well, i wanted to take some dance lesson(w/ asian teachers) ’cause i’ll turn into a pig if i dont. SO PLEASE HELP ME.THANKS!!!

If you can’t find an actual teacher, I recommend subscribing to namgeun on Youtube. They post Kpop dances (mirrored, even) and then you can just download the file (If you don’t know how, search KeepVid), slow it down yourself (VideoLan is very easy for that), and just follow along.

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