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After School Programs

31st March

Government funding cutbacks have left some school boards strapped for cash. Unfortunately, when budgets are gone, so are vital school programs like extra-curricular activities. It’s a fact of life that could leave you worrying whether your child is getting enough activity outside of school hours.

After school programs do not necessarily have to be taught by professional teachers in a school environment. There are so many ways that parents can take up where school boards have left off. Don’t worry about structure or formality; most kids are over-scheduled as it is. The key is to enhance your child’s physical, academic and social development, and a relaxed home-based environment is the perfect place to do it.

School should be top priority for every child and every parent. Children need to attend school regularly, and then fulfill their homework, reading and writing obligations. This may take about 30-60 minutes. After these obligations are met, it’s fun time. The trick is to find interesting and fulfilling programs or activities for your child to take part in, whether inside or outside the home.

If your child develops certain academic, physical or artistic preferences and interests, try to find a program in a college or a community center that’s interesting, helpful and encouraging. Piano instruction, athletic teams or even pottery lessons can offer fun and enrichment to your child.

The Internet is a wonderful resource of good information. Encourage your child to search online and learn more about the things he or she enjoys. Whether it’s a love of animals or an interest in space exploration, children can research independently and gain more knowledge than any formal after-school programs could offer.

If you are concerned that your child needs more peer interaction, look for groups or clubs. Active kids do well with scouting or 4-H clubs. Reading clubs are another possible. Take your child to visit the public library or local theater. Parent-child book clubs are also interesting options. Ask around to see if like-minded parents and their children are interesting in starting a community after-school reading program.

After-school programs can be expensive, and additional academics can often overwhelm children. If your child is not interested in academics, sports or music, turn to your community. Children of all ages love to help in any way they can, and every community is in need of volunteers. Take your child to join in community clean-up projects, to help out at a homeless shelter, or visit the elderly. Choose activities that are suitable to the age and emotional level of your child. He or she can gain invaluable experience and learn lessons they’d never receive in a conventional classroom.

Childhood obesity is a plague to North American children. If a lack of physical activity presents a problem in your household, it would be wise to enroll your child in a group sport. Baseball, soccer, hockey, dance lessons, gymnastics.. there are countless fun ways for your child to get fit. Better yet, have your child choose an activity that you can enjoy together, such as swimming, cycling or tennis. Join the local Y and attend a family gym. Or just go to the park and play a game of tag. You’ll both feel better for it.

Your child does not necessarily have to be a part of an organized group, or be under an instructor’s watch, to benefit from after-school activities. There are many ways to keep a child physically, mentally and emotionally active, even after the school bell rings. Having fun and learning after school can be as simple as helping Dad make dinner, or giving Mom a hand in the garden. Involving the kids in daily activities can provide them with a refreshing extracurricular experience, and improve your family ties.

Donald Brown

Single On Valentines Day?

31st March

It’s not all doom and gloom- at least you avoided the hassle and expense of gifts, dates and the pressure of coping with high expectations. Take heart that there are many more single women out there in a worse situation than you agonising over why it is that they still can’t get a boyfriend- that means it’s the perfect time for you to land your dream girl!
Here’s how to get started today:

1. Become a Better Man
Most men have grown up believing that money is the solution to any problems they are facing in their romantic lives. How wrong those men are! A woman will be infinitely more interested in a man who is well-read, cultured, independent, can cook, dance and has fascinating hobbies over a work-aholic who spends every last God given hour cooped up at the office squinting under the glare of artificial light at all hours. Perhaps endeavour to take a beginner’s salsa class. Try to imagine each woman as a talent scout, measuring up each guy she comes across against her list of requirements before deciding to let them in on her life: what can you bring to the table that other guys are lacking? Another advantage of this is that women you know already will begin to see positive changes in you and begin to feel more attracted to you when all you’re doing is going about improving yourself without any explicit intentions.

2. Don’t Get Hung-Up On One Girl
Despite the musings of romantic novelists and Hollywood directors, by concentrating all of your efforts on winning over that one special girl you are actively decreasing the chances of her falling for you. This is surprising because we are taught that the more you work hard at attaining something- a better education, wealth, a better body at the gym- the more likely your chances of getting it. When you open up totally to a woman and devote to her your every ounce of attention to her being you stopped being a challenge long ago and are incredibly unattractive. Avoid this by busying yourself and keeping your options open. Perhaps call her but don’t ask her out on a date or keep a relationship that started with a sexually charged interaction strictly platonic so leaving it up to her to take things beyond a ‘friendship’ and into the bedroom.

3. Approach, Approach, Approach
How capable are you of approaching women when you’re out? Are you able to walk up to the most beautiful girl in the venue without first resorting to sinking a pint or four for Dutch Courage? A trait of men who are successful with women is a lack of hesitation when it comes to expressing interest in women they would like to get to know.
Set yourself a mission on nights out, and during the day follow a rule that you’ll start a conversation with every woman you find attractive. Don’t worry yourself about finding something spontaneous to say but rather just concentrate on starting an interaction of sorts.

4. Stay One Step Ahead
If you find yourself out on a date with a girl and can sense that things are going exactly as planned- she’s glancing at her watch every few minutes wishing it to end or taking calls on her mobile- then be sure to be the one to deliver the “Let’s just be friends” line first. This way you can amicably go your separate ways so leaving the option open that she can become a part in your social circle. Remember that most attractive women have attractive female friends and her friends will be inclined to be sociable and accepting of you if you’re a friend of their friend. Group psychology dictates that as soon as one girl in a network finds you attractive- the others soon will too!

5. Try Every Avenue
Try your hand at speed dating which is quickly becoming very popular. How about online dating sites? Speed dating is fantastic practice for getting onto comfortable ground with a woman who you know is single, seeking and has little option but to talk to you if only for a few minutes.

6. Be In The Right Place At The Right Time
By sitting at home it is unlikely that you’ll meet any attractive women. Commit to venturing out and practicing approaching women at night in bars or nightclubs.
You could join a gym, take up an evening class (yoga, cooking, salsa, French etc.) or hang out in a coffee shop. In these environments you get the chance to familiarise yourself with regulars and staff over time and this will make it easier for you to make a move.
Treat this like a game or social experiment- you do not fail if you receive negative feedback- you simply have learned another lesson that will aid you in your progress.

Richard La Ruina

Dance and Music Classes Lessons in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ

31st March

Dance and Music Classes and Lessons in Phoenix, North Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ- Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop. Tap, Musical Theater, Piano, Voice, Guitar 602-971-9170

Duration : 46 sec

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pole dancing lessons

31st March

Pole dancing lessons are being offered at our local dance studio and I am considering signing up for them. The pole dancing lessons are going to teach the participants the basics of pole dancing and they will continue the pole dancing lessons into the spring session if they are popular.

Duration : 1 min 32 sec

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15 and just has my first independant-salsa dance lesson?

31st March

since im a beginer im with a bunch of 13 year olds.
Also, im not that great of a not the WORST dancer, but my instructor stresses to me that when i move my torso not to move my hips. i try, but i always forget this when starting over. also im not sure how to move my hands when my torso is swinging side to side.

is it too late for me, and should i continue the classes? it wasnt that great as i thought it might be.

No, it's not too late! (I started WAY later than you). Don't worry about the other kids in class. It will just take a while to pick it up. Practise anywhere and everywhere. When I was first learning ballroom, I even practised my footwork in the grocery store line-up, or while my lunch was warming up in the microwave. I would (and actually still do) dance around my house with an imaginary partner. The key to success is practise, practise, and then practise some more – it will come to you; you can do this!!!

Should I take dance lessons to help with acting?

31st March

I take acting a voice classes already. I have done a lot of theatre and a bit of film and i was wondering if it would help to take dance lessons. My family doesn't have that much money so I would probably have to pay for them. I was just wondering if it's worth it and if it is a good idea if I want to act proffesionally.

Oh, and if so, what kind of dance should I take? I'm 13 and have taken Ballet, Tap and Irish Step in the past.


Dance is very important for acting which is a physical art
form. It teaches a kind of seamlessness of movement
which enhances the credibility of the actor. I would try
modern as it encompasses more variety of human emotions
than the relatively stiff contraints of ballet and Irish Step.
Try some tango, salsa, and other ballroom type dancing
for the elegance and/or sensuality of movement also.
Any kind of singing is excellent for your vocal chords
and helps to increase the range of your future characters.

Dance Lessons For Zombies

31st March

Dance Lessons For Zombies

Author Peter Hiett Our Price: $12.00 Retail: $14.99 Category: Christian Living Published by Integrity Publishers ISBN: 1591452775 Class: Discount Stock: Out of Stock 1 home | faculty titles | new titles | fuller press | specials | browse | insignia | your cart Copyright 2004 Fuller Seminary

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Dance Like a Star: Rumba Lessons at Barnes and Noble

31st March

Rumba Lessons at Barnes and Noble

POP DVD – Dance Like a Star: Rumba Lessons features professional performers offering step-by-step instructions on how to dance the Rumba. Designed primarily for beginners, this release should also be helpful for those with a rudimentary understanding of the dance. Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide – Dance Like a Star: Rumba Lessons at Barnes and Noble

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30th March

These are exclussive Tango Lessons for YouTube fans. Two of the most important Tango dancers in the world, Mora Godoy and Osvaldo Zotto, show and explain us through easy and amusing lessons how to dance this wonderful music. …

Duration : 0:6:8

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Freak Dance Lessons, Grinding Dancing Explained

30th March

There are different ways to grind/freak- This is the Body Roll version of Grinding. http://www.ClubDanceLessons.Com Music: "What's Going On?"-Shammy Dee pg-13 version. We are grinding about half the time, the other half we are just messing around having fun. The nastier version will be out shortly! http://www.ClubDanceLessons.Com Music: Far East Movement "Boomshake" Learn how to get nasty on the floor.. Chi is an International Club …

Duration : 0:9:34

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